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July 2014

Dear dog lover:

Warmer weather and longer days means summer is a great time to be outside with your dog.

Summer also means a heightened vigilance for ticks, fleas, and mosquitos. Thanks to you, CHF-funded researchers are working hard to identify better methods of protecting our dogs.

CHF is currently funding over $840,000 in the Immunology and Infectious Disease program area. Through these grants, researchers seek to discover early diagnostics for life-threatening infectious diseases affecting dogs and develop new treatments that will enhance immune function.

Your support of CHF is helping dogs live longer, healthier lives!
Thank You!

Health Tracks:  A Novel Diagnostic Test for Histoplasmosis
Golden Retrievers Swimming.jpgCHF is committed to helping dogs and their owners remain safe while enjoying the great outdoors. CHF recently funded research that enabled the development of a novel diagnostic test for histoplasmosis. This test will empower veterinarians to accurately pinpoint when the fungal pathogen was cleared from a dogs system after treatment with antifungal drugs. This is paramount for a dog’s safety because if treatment is stopped too early dogs could relapse and experience coughing, difficulty breathing, inability to exercise, enlarged lymph nodes, lameness, eye and skin changes, as well as liver and spleen dysfunction. Learn More.

Featured Grant: Landmark Clinical Trial to Establish Evidenced-Based Use of Regenerative Medicine in Dogs
agility dogCHF recently announced the funding of a landmark clinical trial to establish the evidence-based use of regenerative medicine to treat tendon injury in dogs. Regenerative medicine is a rapidly developing field with the potential to transform the treatment of canine and possibly human disease. Because current regenerative medicine products and techniques vary widely and success stories are anecdotal at best, CHF is committed to funding independent studies that support the evidence-based practice of regenerative medicine. Learn more.

Health Tips: Dehydration and Overheating in Dogs
old english sheepdogPotentially serious if left untreated, dehydration and overheating can be prevented by recognizing early warning signs. While field dogs are especially vulnerable, these conditions can impact all dogs. Learn More.

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Established in 1995, the AKC Canine Health Foundation's (CHF) mission is to advance the health of all dogs and their owners by funding sound scientific research and supporting the dissemination of canine health information.  Through the generous support of the American Kennel Club, Nestlé Purina PetCare, Zoetis, dog clubs and dog owners worldwide, CHF has dedicated more than $40 million to canine health research projects and education programs.  

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